About Gretchen

I’ve seen it all. As a former senior consultant for one of the Big Firms (PwC), I've led the change management strategy & execution activities to get your company/organization across the finish line, only to then move on out of your organization/company as soon as go-live is complete or to a new project within your company. And yes, any consulting firm’s dream is to move from project to project within the same client. Ka-ching! And they want to staff as many consultants as possible for as many hours as possible.

I’ve seen this time and time again as change consultants are utilized repeatedly; the organization doesn’t think about the dependency that is created by NOT developing in-house change management capability. I feel it's a tragedy, really. ​

On every global project, I direct and guide people to develop the strategies that work for their organizations and to execute the change management activities in other countries; Europe, Israel, India, Asia, South America, Canada, etc., all from my personal office due to the crazy time zone differences. For US-based client work, I also guide change management teams in companies with locations across many states in this very same manner. Happily, it just requires less time zone calculation.

I’ve spent years guiding and directing client's “in-the-trenches” employees to execute the change management activities from across the world via video conferencing. The end results are growing a client's internal change management capability within their own workforce.

I'm here to help companies and organizations within companies to develop their own Change Superheroes in-house. Let's get to it!
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